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Pension scheme change management and communications 



Change management 


P3 Connect

P3 Connect Expertise

  • Change Communication & Engagement advice, strategy and planning​ 

  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement planning​ 

The client was making a change in its pension scheme. With careful consideration for the evolving needs of the workforce and the dynamic landscape of employee benefits, the adjustments aimed at ensuring long-term financial security and employee well-being. The revised pension scheme reflected their commitment to offering competitive and sustainable retirement options while aligning with industry standards and regulatory requirements. 


Effective change management was requited to ensure employees understood the reasons behind the changes, felt engaged in the process, and had avenues to voice their concerns or seek clarification.​ ​

Clear and proactive communication was required to help mitigate resistance by addressing concerns, dispelling rumors, and providing reassurance about the company's commitment to supporting employees through the transition.​ 

The challenge 

What we did

We joined the change management team that comprised of HR, legal and communications.​ 


We worked with the change manager of the project to identify, understand, analyse and map the stakeholders and the impact of change on them.​ 


We developed a communication plan outlining objectives, target audience key messages, multi-channel communications and timelines (which were aligned to the implementation plan).​ 


We crafted clear, concise, and consistent messages that explained the reasons for the change, its benefits, and its impact on employees. Tailored messages to different audience groups based on their roles, concerns, and levels of understanding. Anticipated potential questions or objections and prepare appropriate responses.​ 

What we delivered and handed over:​ 

  • Stakeholder analysis and mapping

  • The communication plan​ 

  • Messaging framework 


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