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With over 20 years of experience, P3 helps organisations create impact and generate business, economic and social value through sustainability, collaboration and connectivity.

We are purpose driven, seeing a tangible measurable positive impact in all the work we do. 

One of our core values is collaboration and this is how we drive impact. We work with people who share our values for collective change and care about people, the planet and are all driven by passion.

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About us

​We help businesses and people through sustainable change and transformation for a collective positive impact 

Our Values

Our values are what drive us to do what we do, every day!

  • It is key to us that we work in an honest, ethical, and transparent way and that is what we expect of everyone we partner with. We’re always accountable for our actions and continually strive to work to the highest moral standards.

  • We believe that accepting and valuing differences is not only essential for creating a more inclusive society, but it allows unique perspectives to bring about different approaches which can enrich lives, organisations and society as a whole.

  • People are at the heart of what we do. We care and respect everyone we work with and believe everyone has the right to be heard. We foster an open environment where our goal is the get the very best out of people and empower individuals to create sustainable impact.

  • We truly love what we do and are passionate about making an impact on people and communities, fostering a world transformed by purpose-driven collaboration and empowered individuals.

Naila Mir

Naila has over 25 years of experience in the world of corporate communications and sustainability and helps create meaningful experiences in companies and communities. Naila is on a mission to connect people to purpose with a view to maximising business and sustainable impact.

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Naz Pauperio

With over 15 years of experience in strategic communications, Naz is passionate about helping organisations embrace change. Naz helps promote inclusive practices ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion is part of the entire employee life cycle through both infrastructure redesign and leadership development. 

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Lisa Paris

Lisa is an accredited coach, strategy consultant, and communications expert with 20 years’ experience in strategic initiatives, operational planning, and cultural transformation. She is a sustainability advocate and climate coach who excels in programme management and strategic planning.

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Yannis Liu

Yannis is a first-class Business Economics graduate from the University of Exeter. She is passionate about sustainability and the circular economy and has an in depth knowledge of sustainability frameworks and standards.  Yannis is currently undergoing project management training. 

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Meet the team

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