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Employee experience, Change management


Credit Sussie


M365 Communications & Engagement 


Financial Services

Credit Sussie - employee experience/change management


P3 Connect 

MGA - Creative Partners

P3 Connect Expertise

  • Communication & Engagement advice, strategy and planning  

  • SharePoint planning and design  

  • Project management   

  • User experience and journeys

Credit Suisse was rolling out a global digital transformation programme. They needed an engaging way of creating awareness, adopting the change and communicating the benefits to employees that a new way of working would deliver. Rather than it being an IT implementation, they wanted to emphasise on connect, collaborate and co-create.​ 

With fundamental changes to the way we work during the pandemic and a drive to achieve a better work life balance, technology can make a positive difference. 

The challenge 

What we did

We provided end to end communications support for the launch of Microsoft 365. ​ 

Developed a 12-month communication and engagement plan delivered through a campaign and launched communications materials focused on the key benefits. ​ 

​To enable deployment of communications across the business we provided advice and guidance to the deployment team and created guides and toolkits for line managers, leaders and communication teams, making it easy to use and deploy the communication within the business.

P3 Connect provided agile way of working to adapt to changes within the organisation.   The communications provided clarity to users and the goal of  increased visitors to the SharePoint hub was achieved. 


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