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Support our purposeful leaders: Tahira Bachal

The Dream Foundation Trust is an NGO based in Karachi, Pakistan that offers quality education and skills development to the most disadvantaged children and young people in the community of Mowach Goth. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, they have provided crisis relief to those who have been hardest hit by the lockdown.

Like everywhere else, Pakistan introduced a widescale lockdown to slow down the rate of Covid-19. The quarantine has affected everyone and all aspects of life, including education. Throughout the quarantine period, schools have remained closed, and children have missed out on weeks of schooling.

This could be set to change as the supreme court decision to end the lockdown could signal the beginning of a return to normality. However, for many low-income families, the lockdown caused huge financial struggles and the loss of savings.

In the poverty-stricken neighbourhood of Mowach Goth, 60% of the population are ultra-poor, and a large proportion works as daily wage labourers. Many of its 300,000+ population have been forced into unemployment and are unable to earn a living. Once schools have reopened, many of the families will be unable to afford school fees for their children.

To help keep the children of Mowach Goth in education, the Dream Foundation Trust needs your help. Donations made to the Dream Foundation Trust will pay for the school fees of children who would otherwise not be able to afford an education. The loss of education will have wide-reaching ramifications for many of these children. Without schooling, they face lowered job prospects and fewer options.

The Dream Foundation Trust provides schooling as well as Computer Literacy programmes, Skill Development programmes, Youth Empowerment programmes, and more. The education that the children and young people receive helps them develop essential skills and better career opportunities, with some going on to work for the government or finding employment as computer operators for different companies.

Please help the Dream Foundation Trust provide an education to the children on Mowach Goth by donating what you can to:

Habib Bank Limited Title: Dream Foundation Trust A/C No. 07867901563401 Branch Code: 0786 Branch: HBL Plaza, I.I Chundringar Road, Karachi, Pakistan IBAN: PK20 HABB 0007867901563401

Your donations will not only help keep the children in school but also offers them a brighter future - a future where they and their families can thrive.

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