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Meet Our Purposeful Leaders: Zermeena Khan

Together, we can change the world!

Part of our mission here at P3 is to highlight the work of young leaders who are spearheading change in their communities, and who are actively trying to remove social inequalities by realising their SDG goals. Today we’re sharing Zermeena Khan’s story and how her social enterprise is supporting people to become the best versions of themselves. We hope she inspires you as much as she does us.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? A: I am an entrepreneur, writer, and runner. I was born in Karachi, earned my Engineering degree and seven years’ worth of work experience from this city. I used to work for the largest Multinational FMCG, Unilever Pakistan and recently resigned to pursue my own dream of setting up a social enterprise aimed at helping people be their best selves.

Q: What do you see as your purpose? A: My purpose in life is to be the source of happiness and inspiration to millions of people. With my knowledge, skills and experiences, I aim to inspire the world through my creative works, in the form of writing, mentoring and contributions to the community through sustainability.

Q: How have platforms such as One Young World helped you? A: It has enabled me to stay inspired and motivated to work towards my purpose. Not only that, it is a window to witness the world issues and stay connected with energized and entrepreneurial minds, working day in and out to positively build their respective communities, in different areas of the SDGs.

Q: What SDGs do you work towards? A: I have worked towards the Health and Well-Being, and Quality Education Goals.

Q: What is your SDG action plan? A: We aim to keep developing our initiative; named TCW (Train to Change the World) wherein we promote Running, Strength training, Martial arts & Cycling. The next most important steps for us are to build a business model with the launch of TCW House & the Raiment of TCW (5Line)

With the House, we aim to bring all our activity under one roof and provide our Warriors more than just a space to train in. The development of the House is underway via the launch of our first paid outdoor Training program open for all ages and diverse backgrounds InshaALLAH.

Q: What have your barriers been and what change do you want to see to remove these barriers? A: The greatest most prevalent barrier in promoting sports has been the availability of proper public transport. It has contributed to a lack of access by not allowing people to not show up at our training sessions which we set up in different areas of the city, especially girls. Secondly, lack of facilities at the beach, and immense pollution at the shore has contributed adversely to this mission. Lastly, lack of well-developed public fitness areas and ease of memberships to various clubs to plan training sessions has also made life uneasy.

Q: What have you been doing since you attended the OYW global summit? TCW (Train to Change the World) has been taking up most of my time. But in addition to TCW, I also launched an English Learning program by the name of “My Legend” which teaches spoken English to girls from impoverished backgrounds, and simultaneously inculcating good values in them, inspiring them to participate in sports and set up businesses, empowering them to pursue education in all its forms. This program is also the name of my blog in which I write aspiring articles/ poems on critical issues. I aim to relaunch it in 2020.

To discover more about Zermeena’s social enterprise, TCW, click on the link or follow their page on Facebook, or if you’re interested in learning more about her “My Legend” English programme check out her blog.

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