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P3 Collective

At P3 Collective, we believe that every individual has the innate desire to contribute in some way to a better world and to make a difference. It is our belief that everyone has a purpose and, collectively, we can make an impact.

Our Mission

At P3 Collective, we look to help young people realise their own purpose by steering them towards the little extra help and support they need to get there. To build a network of like-minded, purposeful individuals who are committed to helping one another so as to make a greater impact and a better, more sustainable future.

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Who We Support

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One Young World

Connects and promotes young leaders, giving them a global platform


Enhancing the participation of women in Healthcare via technology.

Sanjan Nagar

Helping youth to become competent and empathic leaders for tomorrow.

First Love Foundation.png
First Love Foundation

Helping people in crisis get back on their feet across the UK.

AEISEC 1.png

Providing young people with leadership development opportunities.

Kilimanjaro Blind Trust.jpg
Kilimanjaro Blind Trust

Serving children with visual impairments around the world

Start Your Journey

Are you interested in knowing more about our Purpose Buddy or want to connect to a purposeful leader?
Are you interested in any of our social projects?
Are you interested in sponsoring or becoming a One Young World delegate?

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