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P3 & Sab Saath

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In September 2022, P3 Connect Founder and Director Naila Mir spoke at a roundtable hosted by Niya Network to discuss the best ways for businesses to support Pakistan in the wake of the floods – you can learn more about her conversation here

At P3, we believe people are at the core of everything we do, be it business or community-centric projects. After the devastation in Pakistan in the wake of the 2022 floods, we focused fundraising efforts within our networks towards rehabilitation in affected areas, emphasising the need for a sustainable approach towards all undertakings.  

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With the advent of Ramadan, we would encourage members of our Muslim networks to direct their charitable donations to Sab Saath. As this is a particularly difficult time for affected communities, donations from our wider community will go a long way towards supporting the rehabilitation efforts organized by Sab Saath, and we would encourage those in our network to give generously to this cause. 

To donate, please follow the link and use ‘P3’ as your reference, or send us a screenshot at If you would like to pledge a donation for a later date, please email to be added to our list. 

Please note the current exchange rate when making your donation – at the time of this blog’s publication, 1GBP = 350 PKR. 

During this period, we were introduced to Sab Saath, a project of Zaman Foundation, through their extensive work during the COVID-19 crisis. Sab Saath is unique in its utilisation of fundraising efforts, since it is one single platform that coordinates relief across organizations, routing help to where it is most needed. As a smaller platform, assistance to those in need is rapid and much quicker than most larger organizations. In keeping with P3’s focus on sustainable development as well as ethical leadership, our partnership with Sab Saath signifies our commitment to highlighting the damage done by the floods in Pakistan, even as the news cycle moves on.  


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