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August 2019





Facilitating SDGs Game 2030 in-person workshop  


2030 SDGs Game P3 Connect 

MGA Group  


Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, P3 Connect teamed up with MGA Ideas to facilitate a unique, experimental workshop centring on the spirit of collaboration, through the sustainable development goals. The 2030 SDGs Game (now known as Possible World – 2030 SDGs Game) is an experiential workshop using a multiplayer game that simulates taking the “real world” into the year 2030 and beyond. The main purpose is to split participants into teams, with each group given a real life ‘goal’ to solve through the implementation of projects and case-studies that mimic real-life situations. Through this, participants learn how their individual actions, behaviour and wider involvement in such projects can cause a positive environmental, social and economic impact upon the world. The game ends with a reflection section, when participants are invited to share their experiences of playing the game with their peers and facilitators. You can learn more specifics about the game on our website here.  

As part of our marketing strategy, we were able to invite participants for the workshop through our social media pages, primarily through LinkedIn. This enabled us to have a unique mix of people in the room: sustainability professionals, with a degree of knowledge around the subject, particularly SDGs; as well as more inexperienced, but just as enthusiastic individuals. This also ensured that the spirit of collaboration amongst participants was upheld; as the workshop requires participants to split into teams, we ensured each group had a blend of knowledge and experiences to draw from during the simulation.  


As facilitators, we expected a potential challenge of running the workshop to be navigating the variety of experiences of participants. However, players’ enthusiasm ensured that this hurdle was quickly overcome. Many did not realise the role their individual actions would play in making a difference. As feedback, we have heard from a variety of participants that they now understand stakeholder collaboration on a macro level much better than before playing the game. Thus, the simulation served as an eye-opening experience for them, encouraging them to see the role they could play in an individual and collaborative way towards a more purposeful, productive world. 

The event was also a unique platform through which P3 promoted our Purpose Buddy Program, as a way for both sustainability professionals and those interested in our work to have a one-on-one meeting with a ‘purpose coach’.  Due to the connections made at this event, we ran subsequent 2030 SDGs Games online, in order to reach a wider and more international audience. We are also interested in facilitating the game within the schools, universities and companies that our network belongs to, and if you are interested in co-running an event with us – online and in-person – please get in touch here.  

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