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Ignite Youth


Annual social report



Ignite Youth - Annual social report


P3 Connect

P3 Connect Expertise

  • Stakeholder analysis and mapping

  • Content and report structure advices

  • Content proof-reading

Ignite Youth (NGO) wished to produce their first annual social report, aiming for a cohesive and visually engaging presentation that effectively highlights their impact and appeals to potential partners and funders. Lacking prior experience in this area, they needed pro-bono support in structuring the report effectively.

The challenge 

What we did

The first phase of the project was research – this included external best practice on annual reports combined with a content audit on existing materials for the charity.

The second phase was goal setting and audience identification. We engaged in collaborative discussion using the Miro platform with the client to understand their organisational goals and key achievements. Through the conversation, we identified the primary audiences for the report.

We went on to idea generation and facilitated a  brainstorming sessions with the client to agree the report's design and structure. 

The final phase was crafting the report structure and providing guidance on refining content to enhance clarity and impact.

What we delivered:

  • A report structure document that showcases their work, designed to attract potential partners and funding.

  • Finished content for the report to be designed and passed on to graphic design team


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